People love our gift bundles.
Fantastic products, delivery was next day!! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for the perfect mom-to-be gift Thank you for making my gift choice an easy one!


My daughter cried when she opened it (hormonal yes! but was also very touched by the presentation and contents).

Kathy L. – Ontario

We gifted (the postpartum gift bundle) to our surrogate. She’s still pregnant but she said it was the most thoughtful gift and she’s sure she use and appreciate everything in it after birth. I was going to make up my own gift like this before coming across this company, and this gift box was exactly what I was looking for. It was so nice to have something already curated that I could just have shipped to her directly.-

Marie S. – Saskatchewan

I sent (the postpartum gift) bundle to a first time mom and she absolutely loved it – she said it had all the things she never knew she needed!! Delivery was quick and efficient and I will definitely send this bundle again.

Jennifer W. – Vancouver

Sent (the postpartum gift bundle) to my expectant daughter-in-law many miles away, so I have yet to see the bundle. It arrived promptly and she was most impressed with the tasteful presentation and grateful for the gifted personal items that focused on a mum, not just on the anticipated newborn.

Deborah – Vancouver

Such an amazingly easy way to get a variety of gifts for a new baby all in one box delivered to your door. I would have had to go to a few different stores to accomplish the same thing. Will order again for sure. Well done!

Judy – Calgary

Excellent website. I placed my order but typed street address incorrectly and got an email shortly after politely asking me to correct it. Excellent customer service and fast delivery.

Kathy L. – Ontario

I ordered for a new baby couple and the beautiful bundle was at their house within a few days. They loved it!!

Samantha C. – British Columbia

I gave this to a friend as a gift and she loved it! All items came in so handy and it helped her feel more prepared for the delivery and she is now well on her way to recover with the help of this amazing bundle!

Melissa – Ontario

This is the third time I've ordered. Among my friends, they all now look forward to the postpartum bundle after birth.

M.C. – Washington, D.C.

My friend opened her gift and burst into tears she just loved it so much! Thank you!

Patricia – Vancouver, B.C.

Website is clearly organized, easy to follow, and great customer service!

Melissa – Ontario

This was a wonderful find! I ended up buying for 3 of my friends! It is a life saver postpartum! I would recommend to anyone looking to buy for themselves or a loved one!

Laila – Quebec

The website was easy to navigate, I appreciated receiving e-mails to keep me posted on where my order was and the delivery was made on time!

Anonymous – Quebec

basic baby co. curated such a great postpartum gift bundle. I’ve used every single thing in it. It made my recovery a million times smoother.

Marise – Ontario, Canada

I keep recommending basic baby co. to friends and colleagues! basic baby co. makes sending a baby gift so easy and the recipient is always so happy!

Sarah – Vancouver, B.C

The postpartum gift bundle is wonderful! The new absolutely loves it and it has come in handy so much during her postpartum recovery. Highly recommend!

Namoonga – New York

When my best friend received her postpartum gift, she was filled with joy! As a new mom, it saved her from having to gather all these components individually. It is a very thoughtful gift.

Anonymous – Quebec

The website was easy to navigate and the gift was quickly delivered. The estimated delivery time was concerning, but the order was prepared just almost immediately after ordered and was delivered a few days later.

Danielle – Ontario

My friend enjoyed her gift! Her first night home from the hospital, she was able to soak and enjoy some of the items.

Verne C. – Georgia

Some thing are too good to keep a secret!

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