Gifts for Baby

Need a gift for baby? Not sure what to get? We are here to take the guessing game out of gift-giving. At basic baby co. we are pretty practical and believe that the best gifts are ones that people will actually use. So, our gifts have been thoughtfully put together to not only ensure quality, but also to ensure that each item is something that both baby and parents will need and appreciate.

splish! splash!

bath baby

details $125
baby’s 1st library

book baby

details $109
cuddles & snuggles

hello baby

details $125
shake, rattle & roll!

play baby

details $117
the basics for a new baby

basic baby

details $100
bundle du jour

bundle du jour

details $62
make your own bundle

build your bundle

“What an amazing package! Thank you so much! I honestly did not expect this! There are so many cute things! We love the faucet cover! Haha! Both of us said we would have never bought it or thought of it, but we’re glad we have it! The whole package is seriously amazing!”

Thank you message from the recipient of the bath baby bundle

Please note that all orders placed between September 18th and September 27th will be shipped out on September 30th, 2019.

Thank you for your understanding! If you have any questions, please email us at