Fur Baby Gift Bundle


The fur baby gift bundle is the perfect present for the dog lover in your life or to spoil your own little fur baby. Complete with thoughtful essentials, treats, and toys that all dogs (and their fur parents) need and love, this is a wonderful way to celebrate those four-legged family members.

(Psst! This may also be the perfect ‘consolation baby gift’ to send to that dog that is about be relegated to number two!)

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What's included in this bundle and available add-ons:

Earth Rated Leash Dispenser

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The perfect walk companion: the earth rated iconic green leash dispenser makes picking up poop seem almost effortless. High quality and beautifully designed, this dispenser does it all – there’s even a handy hook on the back to carry used bags until you find a garbage, leaving your hands free to pet more dogs! Comes with 15 unscented bags and can be refilled endlessly. You won’t want to leave home without it.

Fuzzy Stuffless Crinkle Sloth Toy

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A fun, fuzzy toy for your dog to fling around. Filled with crinkle paper and no stuffing so it’s extra floppy, this toy is stimulating and brings out their inner hunter.

Hippo Zoo Chew II Latex Toy

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Minimal detail but enticing and modern shape. Delightful chewing experience with soft non-toxic natural latex and stuffing. Comes with built-in squeaker for hours of fun!

Silicone Collapsible Travel Bowl

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Designed with practicality in mind. It collapses flat when not in use and the handy carabiner allows you to attach it to your bag, belt, or leash! It’s dishwasher safe and made of FDA approved food grade silicone. Compact enough to bring anywhere, it’s great for long walks or hikes, traveling, or as a handy extra bowl in the house. A bowl design with purpose, style and function in mind.

Earth Rated 120 Bags - Refill Rolls

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100% Leak-Proof Guarantee leaves a 0% chance you’ll experience any dreaded poop-to-hand contact. These extra-thick bags can hold any size poop securely and are designed to block unpleasant smells. Picking up poop has never been so easy! Eight refill rolls for the earth rated leash dispenser.

Vegalicious Healthy Dehydrated Treats

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Sweet Potato, Squash, and Carrot. These treats are a great way to introduce a dog to more vegetables. Variety of shapes, flavours, textures, and 100% natural. Free of wheat, soy, corn, and gluten. 100% vegan. Made in Canada.

Boucherie Burger Sliders with Liver

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Crunchy beef liver treats in the shape of patties Beef liver is a good source of protein and vitamin A. Savoury flavor and crunch that dogs love. Ingredients from USDA or CFIA certified facilities only. No preservatives, additives, or artificial flavours 100% natural. Made in Canada.

LED Safety Light Dog Tag

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Stay safe with super bright LED lights. Our new safety tag is lightweight and water-resistant so it can comfortably go wherever your dog goes. Simply attach to any dog collar, harness, bag, or key ring. There are 3 different flash modes.

Earth Rated Stain & Odor Remover

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We know that pets can be creative about their messes, that’s why the earth rated Stain & Odor remover is ready for all surprises! Targeted for the most stubborn (and stinky) pet messes, our non-toxic formula is certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute.

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